Resources for Traffic Incident Management


National Incident Management System (NIMS)

The NIMS program has a website that includes multiple pages and documents referring to implementation and compliance guidelines, training, and information about the National Integration Center (NIC).

NIMS Training Courses

The NIMS website has a page devoted to emergency management training courses, including documents for the NIMS Training Program, the NRF Integrated Emergency Management Course, NIMS courses and other NIMS-related training, and a FAQs section.

TIM Resource Management:

This FHWA document outlines key TIM subject areas, such as approaches in operations and resource management, potential efficiency improvements, and cost-share strategies. It also includes a number of tables, particularly for estimated resource costs for each incident response team.

Responder Safety:

Home to the Emergency Responder Safety Institute, this website contains information regarding responder safety such as training videos, news articles, records of responders struck at incident scenes, and guidelines for law enforcement officers.

FHWA TIM publications:

A complete list of publications can be found for the following categories:

  • Emergency Transportation Operations
  • Traffic Incident Management
  • Traffic Management for Planned Special Events
  • Newly Released Publications
  • Additional Resources

FHWA TIM Website

The TIM program of the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is part of a larger all - hazards program called Emergency Transportation Operations (ETO). Both the ETO and TIM Programs are housed in the FHWA's Office of Transportation Operations under the Associate Administrator for operations.

  1. Integrated Interagency Communications
  2. On-scene Traffic Incident Management Operations
  3. Regional and Statewide Programs and Institutional Coordination

TIM Network

The TIM Network connects TIM Professionals (especially those from different disciplines) to each other, provides a method for TIM Professionals to escalate issues and provides a way for the NTIMC to validate suggested practices. Essentially the TIM Network is the equivalent of a national TIM Team.

FHWA TIM Performance Measurement Knowledgebase

The FHWA TIM performance measurement knowledgebase is intended to be a highly-useable, online reference that provides transportation professionals the knowledge and tools they need, including sample documents and models from other States, to successfully implement program-level TIM performance measures in their State.

FHWA TIM Performance Measurement (PM) LISTSERV

Subscribe to the TIM PM managed e mail list to access the experiences & expertise of focus States & others across the country measuring TIM: send an email to to subscribe.

Initiatives From Other States

Additional Resources

For additional information, please contact ALDOT TIM Personnel